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General FAQs

• Where can I watch Heritage?

On Roku, on your desktop, tablet or smart phone, or on your TV via Chromecast. Once you have subscribed to Heritage via our Heritage page (heritagetac.org), you will be able to find Heritage on Roku and set that up on your TV with your other channels to watch. On Roku, simply type “Heritage” in the streaming channels search bar, and the sign-up screen will appear (NOTE: Heritage only works on later Roku hardware models, beyond Roku 1 and Roku 2). You can access the shows directly at heritagetac.org and watch on your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Also, Heritage can be accessed with Chromecast to watch it on a TV.

• How do I subscribe to Heritage?

The best way to subscribe to Heritage is through our website (heritagetac.org), although you can subscribe through Roku directly. 

• Does Heritage offer subscriptions for institutions?

Yes. For further inquiries about purchasing a Heritage subscription for an institution, please email us at info@archaeologychannel.com .

• How do I contact Heritage for help/support?

Please feel free to contact us via https://heritagetac.org/pages/contact-us with your questions or concerns.

• How do I report “glitches” in audio, subtitles, closed captions, etc., that I may encounter?

Please contact us via https://heritagetac.org/pages/contact-us about any “glitches” that you encounter in a Heritage film.

Financial FAQs

• Does Heritage offer a free trial period?

Yes, after creating your Heritage account, you will automatically be granted a 7-day free trial period. If you cancel your account by the time your free-trial period ends, then you will not be charged any subscription fee.

• How much does a Heritage subscription cost?

We offer 6 different options – Monthly Subscription ($5.99/month), 3-month Subscription ($15.99), 6-month Subscription ($29.99), a Year’s Subscription ($56.99/year), a Roku Subscription ($5.99/month), and a single-film Rental/Pay-Per-View option ($5.99/2-days access). 

• When will I be charged a subscription fee?

You will be charged the day after your 7 day free-trial ends, and, again, on each anniversary of your subscription period, depending on the subscription period that you have selected (monthly, 3-month, 6-month, yearly).

• What forms of payment do we accept?

PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards.

• Can I get a refund?

We offer refunds if you were incorrectly charged. “Incorrect charges” are those that should have been covered by a gift card or that resulted from bugs within the system. If you do not cancel your subscription before its next renewal date and are charged for renewal, we do not offer a refund. 

• How can I buy a Heritage Gift Card?

Head to https://heritagetac.org/gift_cards/new and select the gift card option that you’d like to purchase. A link to the gift card page is also located at the bottom of the Heritage home page.

I have a gift card/discount code but the system still asks for my credit card information. Will I be charged on my credit card?

If you have sufficient funds on the gift card you will not be charged. For a discount code, you will be charged the leftover amount after the discount is applied, on your credit card.

Technical FAQs

• Do I need to be subscribed to access content?

All the trailers can be accessed without a subscription, but the films themselves require a subscription. 

• Can I create multiple profiles? Is there a viewership/device limit?

We do not offer multiple profiles. However, there is no viewership limit.

• How do I find titles with English audio?

Find the button for filters. That is on the landing page, above the film catalog listing, in its upper left hand corner. When you click that button, the rightmost of the menu options that appears is “Language and Subtitles.” Clicking on that, you can select “English Audio” or “Non-English Audio with English Subtitles” from the drop-up menu that then appears. We have lots of titles in English.

• How do I enable closed captions?

Once you have selected a film to view, look for the “Subtitles” icon (little white box) at the bottom right corner of the film window, next to the volume control and settings controls. If you don’t see a subtitles icon for a particular film, the closed captions are not yet available for that film.

• Are subtitles available in languages other than English for Heritage films?

Only a few at present. Individual films vary as to what additional language subtitles they offer, but some do offer subtitles in languages other than English. 

• Can I save a film?

If you stop a film before it completes, it automatically appears at the top of the titles list in the “Continue Watching” category. Just go there and continue watching. You are also able to “favorite” films. When you go to view a film, leftmost beneath the film view play button you will see an “Add to Favorites” button with a “heart” icon. Once you click on that button for a film, that film’s catalog image will show up on your Heritage home page, below the heading for your “Favorites.” 

• When I try to watch films on Roku, they keep freezing/buffering. How do I fix this?

It might be because of your streaming hardware/internet connection. Try upgrading to a newer Roku model, and/or make sure you have a strong internet connection.

• How may I cancel my Heritage subscription?

On your account page, click the “Dashboard” middle menu item in the upper right hand corner menu. Then, on the resulting new page, click on the “Security” menu item in the middle of its upper left hand corner menu. At the bottom of the resulting new page, click on the “Request deletion of my account” link.

Other FAQs

• How can I become a Heritage content partner?

If you have films relating to cultural heritage, archaeology, or history, please email us at info@archaeologychannel.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.